ForWind Symposium, 5 July 2019:

Wind Physics Symposium


WindLab W33-0-003, Küpkersweg 70, Oldenburg
Registration & Coffee
Prof. Dr. M. Kühn, ForWind, University of Oldenburg
Welcome Speech
Prof. Dr. M. Simon, Vice President for Research and Transfer, University of Oldenburg
Session I: Wind resource and wind farm effects (Dr. D. Heinemann)
Can we turn each turbine into a wind sensor, and why would that be useful?
Keynote by Prof. Dr. C. Bottasso, TU München
Launch of the New European Wind Atlas (NEWA)
Dr. B. Witha, ForWind, University of Oldenburg
Validation of meso- and micro-scale models: results from the NEWA benchmarks
Dr. M. Dörenkämper, Fraunhofer IWES
Experimental investigation of offshore wind farm cluster wakes and their effect on the Global Tech I wind farm
J. Schneemann, ForWind, University of Oldenburg
Analysing velocity and power fluctuations from wind farm LES data and Global Tech I measurement data
Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. L. Lukassen, ForWind, University of Oldenburg
Lunch (optional wind tunnel tour)
Session II: Control of wind turbines and wind farms (Prof. Dr. M. Kühn)
Can wind farms realistically benefit from active control of turbine wakes?
Keynote by Prof. Dr. E. Bossanyi, DNV GL & University of Bristol
Model predictive control framework for power maximization and active power control of wind farms
M. Vali, ForWind, University of Oldenburg
Deflection of wind turbine wakes by yaw misalignment - Simulation and field testing
M. Bromm, ForWind, University of Oldenburg (former)
Lidar assisted feedback-feedforward individual pitch and trailing edge flaps control of variable-speed wind turbine
R. Ungurán, ForWind, University of Oldenburg (former)
Very short-term forecasting of offshore wind power based on long-range remote sensing observations
L. Valldecabres, Siemens Gamesa
Coffee break
Session III: Experimental and numerical research on wind turbines (Prof. Dr. J. Peinke)
Challenges and initial results in validating novel wind turbine designs and controllers
Keynote by Prof. Dr. L. Pao, University of Colorado at Boulder
Atmospheric-like inflow at lab-scale to capture wind turbine power curve and dynamics
Dr. M. Hölling, ForWind, University of Oldenburg
Investigation of dynamic stall on a spinning model wind turbine using non-invasive measurement techniques
L. Kröger, ForWind, University of Oldenburg
Mitigation of turbulence-induced loads by an active slat
P. Singh, ForWind, University of Oldenburg
Cost reduction potential in the design of large rotor blades by CFD aerodynamics
Dr. B. Stoevesandt, Fraunhofer IWES


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